Sarah & Lane of Palley and Southard Designs

Palley and Southard Designs' owner and principal Lane Blank has proudly called North Carolina home since the 1980's. Lane grew up in Boston and New York City, where works by Milton Avery, Modigliani, Picasso, and Rothko graced the walls of her artist grandfather's home. After studying art history at Johns Hopkins, Lane worked after graduation in a respected art gallery in Manhattan. She then trained in interior design before she and a partner founded Palley and Southard Designs. 

Sarah Thompson, herself a trained visual artist, graduated Meredith College's Art and Interior Design program. In addition to her fresh eye, she brings a modern skill set to Palley and Southard. Sarah is well versed in AutoCAD, Adobe Design Programs, and social media. 

Palley and Southard Designs offers both commercial and residential expertise. Clients range from Maine to Florida, and within North Carolina from coastal shores to private mountain communities. Lane and Sarah are often involved in projects early on, so as to assist with specifying finishes, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and space planning. By working closely with architect and contractor, Palley and Southard Designs can make the complicated process much easier for their clients. 

Creative, practical, and knowledgable, Lane and Sarah bring an informed academic foundation to their designs. Palley and Southard approaches each job with respect for the clients' individual aesthetic, in order to assure each space is a unique and satisfying articulation of the client's vision. 

When not traveling for work or in the design studio, Lane and Sarah can be found volunteering with several local pet rescues, at local art events, and exercising their own dogs. Palley and Southard Designs has a proven track record of successful, creative projects for a wide range of client budgets.